Why Normal People Should Avoid The Dark Web And Its Links?


The dark net has good and bad sides, like all technological innovations. However, its dark aspect outweighs the benefits. This is why it is ideal for regular people to avoid using it.

This web is mainly suitable for those who deal in illegal transactions and sales. It is also ideal for those who cannot compromise on privacy and anonymity.

However, ordinary internet users who don’t worry much about anonymity should avoid the dark net. Let’s look at the dangerous aspects of this web.

Why Regular People Must Avoid The Dark Web?

Here are some reasons that you should avoid dark web links:

  1. Crypto Scams Are Plentiful On The Dark Web

Regular internet users want to keep their money safe in bank accounts and digital wallets. You may even convert some of your savings to cryptocurrency for investment reasons. People may tell you that the dark net is an excellent place for crypto transactions and storage, but that is untrue.

Cryptocurrency scams occur frequently on the web because cybercriminals can dupe you more easily. Sites on the dark net are not indexed or have SSL certificates. This means you can never differentiate between real and fake sites.

A dark wallet may not always be real. Some people create proper landing pages for websites to lure people into sending their cryptocurrency to their wallet accounts. When you sign into the wallet again, your funds may not be there due to crypto scams.

Bitcoin and Ethereum scams are most common on the dark net. The worst part is that you cannot report the scam to the authorities without putting yourself in legal trouble. This is why normal people should not use the dark net for financial transactions or saving money.

  1. The Dark Web Is Not Immune To Government Tracking

Many regular internet users are attracted to the dark net because of the myth that this web cannot be tracked by the government. This is not true because advanced technology and other techniques have made tracking the dark net easier. Some agencies may use your IP address traces to find your whereabouts, especially if you visit a site that a federal agency has been monitoring for a long time.

Crackdowns of Silk Road, Hydra, and many other dark internet marketplaces have been possible because of efficient tracking. This is why the dark net is not the right solution if you want to prevent the government from tracking your online activity.

Sometimes, you may even alert your regional government officials accidentally by ending up on suspicious websites or not taking proper security measures, such as using a VPN when surfing the dark internet. Tor also uses nodes that are run by volunteers around the world for smooth operations.

The US government has been mapping hidden services by owning and operating a high number of nodes. Customer data monitoring and semantic analysis are some other techniques that governments use to track dark net activity.

  1. Data Leaks Are More Common On The Dark Web

It is no secret that hacking is common on the surface web. Your data can leak because of cybercriminals, web history logs, and much more. This is why you may consider using the dark net.

However, it is not true that data leaks do not happen on the dark internet. In fact, information leaks are more common on the web due to fewer government regulations. Online websites that you sign up on the dark internet may sell your information on other platforms.

The worst part is that it may be difficult to determine which site leaked your data. This is especially true if you have signed up on various dark net platforms. The best way to prevent your information from leaking is by avoiding this web altogether.

Some dark sites may also claim that it does not keep any data records, but that may not be true. This is especially true if a scammer is operating the site. Even big companies such as Dymocks have experienced dark net data breaches.

Many people who use the dark net to keep themselves safe from data leaks learn their lesson the hard way and stop using this web after suffering from significant damage.

  1. Exit Scams Frequently Occur On The Dark Web

Exit scams are less common on the surface web, but that is not the case on the dark internet. This is because of crypto transactions. An exit scam occurs when an established business stops shipping its orders.

However, such businesses still take more orders and advance payments. Darknet transactions mainly involve cryptocurrency, which is difficult to track. That is because buyers don’t get addresses such as an account number, which they can use to track where their funds have gone.

You cannot get compensated if you suffer from an exit scam on the dark internet. This is why no user is recommended to use this web for buying products. Some sites may also offer credit card payment options only.

Such platforms make you disclose your personal information without letting you realize the hoax. They can then use hacking techniques to enter your financial account or withdraw money remotely from it.

The overall effect of exit scams is that you will lose a significant sum, which can affect your financial savings. Reporting the scam may also not be an option if you paid a seller money for illegal products such as drugs or stolen bags.

  1. The Dark Web Has Greater Triggering Content

The dark net is not for those who get triggered easily or cannot watch sensitive content. This is because the web is full of violent and pornographic ads. Many dark links may also redirect you to child pornography sites, which can affect your mental health significantly.

There are also specific platforms, such as live chat rooms and streaming sites, that post triggering content. For example, some people may post videos of harming animals for fun. You may also encounter real-time content of girls getting catcalled and much more.

The worst part is that you may not always have control over the content you encounter. Many directories may post fake site descriptions to get you to open the link easily. Some search engines also have duplicate mirror versions created by criminals.

Ahmia has been a recent target of scammers because its fake version has been created to direct people to scam websites. This is why you can end up on sites with sensitive content unknowingly.

  1. Dark Net Links May Infect Your Device

There are many ways to get a virus on your computer. If you open a suspicious link, it may infect your device immediately, causing it to shut down. Some people may also plant remote malware on your laptop to steal its data silently.

Whatever the case, you will suffer significant damage due to the information leak. Some criminals intercept your office data to perform corporate breaches. Meanwhile, others may steal your personal information, such as passwords to credit card accounts, social media networks, and more.

A few months ago, many people suffered from device infections, after which their ChatGPT account details were sold on the dark net. Even with antivirus protection, you are not completely immune to advanced hacking techniques.

The primary way people infect your device is through a remote access trojan (RAT). This malware may be installed on your computer if you download a game or film from the dark net. The game or movie file may be legitimate and work smoothly.

However, the additional RAT malware downloaded within the folder will give scammer admin privileges to your laptop.

  1. The Dark Net Has More Than 50,000 Terrorist Groups

One of the worst things that can happen to you is your name being associated with terrorists. This is a serious issue that can cause you to suffer significant jail time even if you did not do anything wrong. You may end up on a terrorist group site by clicking an unknown link on The Hidden Wiki or search engines of the dark net.

Some platforms may also make you curious that you may want to enter the group to learn what discussions are taking place. Remember, participating in such groups can make you an accessory to various crimes that are punishable by the law.

The best way to avoid terrorist groups is by steering clear of the dark internet. With more than 50,000 suspicious organizations on this web, you may be approached by specific groups. Some terrorists may try to dupe you into contributing to their cause by making fake donation sites.

You may perform such transactions unknowingly, but government agencies can arrest you for making the payments. The worst thing is that you may not be able to prove your innocence due to lack of proof.

  1. Many Dark Net Marketplaces Are A Hoax

There are many sellers on the dark net that use exit scams to cause financial losses. However, marketplace hoaxes are on a different level. Specific sites may offer you a service, such as stealing someone’s data for you or spying on your family members.

Dark sites that offer such services are mainly a hoax. They may take payment from you and shut down their platform after the transaction. There are thousands of sites on the dark internet that perform such scams.

Some subscription services may also charge you a high monthly payment sum or annual bill without giving you credentials access. Fake torture rooms are also created as hoaxes to entice users who are interested in violent content.

Such rooms may offer to show you the torture of prisoners of agencies like ISIS, CIA, and more. They collect payments until the day of the event, and a few minutes before the live streaming time, the site will shut down.

Getting compensation from such hoaxes is not possible because there is no way of tracking the scammer.

  1. Good Dark Web Links Are Extremely Difficult To Find

Another reason to avoid the dark internet is that good links are scarce on this web. Many sites have been taken down due to illegal activity. Original platforms have multiple mirror versions that deal with suspicious content or transactions.

This is why it is difficult to find authentic sites with safe content on the dark internet. You may also be using a fake mirror version without even realizing it. The most dangerous part about such sites is that they can put you into legal trouble.

You will also have to spend hours or days researching good platforms on the dark internet. It is better to save your time by limiting yourself to the surface web. The clear web offers greater security, and it is easy to identify between real and fake links on it.

Even reliable directories such as The Hidden Wiki have mixed links, some of which are real while others are scams.

  1. Some Dark Web Links May Cause You To Break The Law

By using the dark internet, you will not be breaking any law because this web is legal. However, that is not true for activities on the web. For example, using the dark net to bypass censorship restrictions will cause you to break your law’s region.

Participating in activist discussion forums on the dark internet can also get you into trouble with the authorities. Your statements on specific sites may also be used against you in court. Defending yourself in such situations will be extremely difficult.

Illegal sites cannot be shut down on this web. By avoiding dark web links, you will keep yourself safe from breaking the law unknowingly.

Summing Up The Dangers Of The Dark Web For Normal People

These are the top ten reasons to avoid the dark internet and its links. There may be good sites on this web, but the number of bad platforms outweighs them.

Keeping yourself safe may also be difficult due to the advanced technology that government agencies and scammers use. Lack of regulation on the dark net also makes the web more dangerous, which is why you should avoid it.

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