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The Real History of the Hidden Wiki – Rise, Fall Everything


Everyone has heard about the dark web but have you ever stopped and wondered where it all began? The dark web intrigues everyone but once you find out how it came to being you would be surprised. The dark web actually started as a result of a student’s thesis project.

Ian Clark studied at the University of Edinburgh. For his thesis project, he wanted to introduce a platform where people could communicate anonymously. This is why he released a platform in 2000 called Freenet. Freenet is considered as the foundation of the dark web.

The Invention Wasn’t Intentional

Even though Ian Clark is thought to have invented the dark web, it wasn’t his intention to create something like the dark web that we see in the modern world. He only developed a decentralized system as an educational project as he thought that it could benefit everyone.

A decentralized network like the Freenet not only laid the foundation of the dark web but also made things like cryptocurrencies possible. What Ian Clark created had a lot of potential and Ian Clark knew this but what he had not expected was that it would be used for a lot of negative things.

The Rise In Popularity

Ian Clark started the platform in March 2000 however it wasn’t until 2002 that the dark web started gaining popularity. The United States government played a huge role in making the dark web accessible to everyone. So, in theory, Ian Clark is credited with inventing the dark web but it was actually the US government that put Clark’s concepts to practical use at the global level.

The Naval Research Laboratory of the United States Government developed the Tor browser to aid in intelligence operations. As it was to be used for intelligence purposes it was important that the platform was open source otherwise other people like journalists whistleblowers and even spies might not have been able to communicate with each other. This is why in 2004 the Tor Browser was made open source.

As the platform was made open source many people wanted to try it. Some were intrigued by the mysterious nature of the dark web while others wanted to see what positive things can be improved with the help of the dark web. Among all this were the people who saw this as a golden opportunity to expand their criminal activities. Little did anyone know that something that was thought of as an innovation would be used for illicit and illegal activities.

The History Of Hidden Wiki

Now that we have talked about the history of the dark web let’s take a look at the history of one of the most popular dark web sites i.e., the Hidden Wiki. The Hidden Wiki is one of the oldest dark websites on the dark net. The Tor Browser was made open source in 2004 and it is believed that the Hidden Wiki started just a little time after that. The oldest recorded Hidden Wiki link is from 2007.

The Hidden Wiki acted as a directory for anyone accessing the dark web. If you didn’t know the onion link for the type of site you wanted to visit, all you needed to do was visit the Hidden Wiki. This however does not mean that all links mentioned on the hidden wiki are correct. Some of them are just illicit links that might be edited by hackers to attack your device. If you click on one of these links then your device will be at the risk of a malware attack.

Who Invented The Hidden Wiki?

While it is clear that the Irish student Ian Clark was responsible for laying the foundation of the dark web it is not confirmed who started one of the most popular dark web sites, the Hidden Wiki. It is believed that the Hidden Wiki was started by several people who used the dark web on a regular basis. They saw the hidden wiki as an opportunity to compile all data in one place so that it would be easy for them to navigate the dark net.

Like Wikipedia on the surface web, the dark web could be edited by any dark net user. This is how the Hidden Wiki became so popular. Different users contributed links to the hidden wiki making it one of the largest sites on the dark web.

How Did Users Access Dark Web Links Before the Hidden Wiki?

Navigating the dark web was tough before the Hidden Wiki because onion links did not have proper addresses like surface websites. These URLs are still made of jumbled words but are easier to locate because of the directory and some popularity on the surface web.

Here are the primary ways people used to search for dark web sites before the wiki directory was invented:

  1. Dark Web Search Engines

Users widely used search engines on the dark internet before the invention of the hidden directory. This is because they were the primary way to search for dark web links. People could look up relevant services by typing keywords in the engine’s search bar.

The main feature of a dark search engine is that it does not store the history of the content you search. However, initial search engines on the web were not as accurate as the search engines now. This is because of limited understanding of technology.

That is why there was a need for a platform that collected the URLs of dark web sites in one place. The Hidden Wiki came into being because of this reason.

It is not accurately known which dark web search engine people used in the initial stages of this web. However, many people credit Torch as the oldest dark net search engine. This is because the platform has been an integral part of the internet since 1996.

The torch was initially a search engine on the surface web only, but it also created a Tor version when the network was launched to facilitate its dark audience.

Dark Web Search Engines

  1. Discussion Forums On The Surface Web

During the early years of the dark net, search engines were not as effective for finding dark web links because their collection of URLs was limited. Most engines did not include all sites on the dark net, so finding a specific service required you to use multiple search engines.

A good alternative to save time and navigate the dark net was by communicating with its community. People on the surface web used to post questions on discussion forums or chatting sites about the dark internet. Other users used to share links of onion addresses they were using on the deeper web.

This accessing method was mainly used by those with some background knowledge of the dark internet and knew the features of the web.

What Happened To The Hidden Wiki In The Years After It Started?

The hidden wiki started to gain a lot of popularity and at one moment in time, it was the most visited website on the dark web. This also meant that it was under the radar of the law enforcement agencies. The law enforcement agencies tried their best to close down the site however it was easier said than done.

In fact, things got out of control. Previously there only used to be one Hidden Wiki however after the site was attacked by hackers and also by law enforcement agencies, the Hidden Wiki spread from one site to several different mirrored websites. Today there are no single links to access the hidden wiki like there used to be in the platform’s early years. In fact, you can find tens of different links that would lead you to a mirror hidden wiki site.

This has also resulted in the credibility of the hidden wiki going down. Previously people knew that there was one authentic link that they could use to access the hidden wiki. However, as mirror sites started to get launched the users had to be more wary of the dark web links they clicked.

The original website was available in the English language however with time that has changed. You can now find hidden wiki links that are in languages other than English. This has made it easier for people who don’t understand English to access the hidden wiki.

The Hidden Wiki Was Relaunched In 2009

The first Hidden Wiki came into being around 2006 or 2007, as per the site’s earliest mentions on the internet. This directory was hosted only on the Tor network to help people find dark web links easily. However, the platform faced difficulties to keep running during its initial stages.

This is why the developer closed the site for restructuring and other purposes. Some theories argue that the platform was shut down by the FBI in 2007, but resources backing up this information are lacking on the internet. Your primary takeaway should be that the directory shut down within one or two years of its inception.

In 2009, the directory was launched again with a new address and better collection of dark web sites. This wiki was operated by ION on the deeper part of the internet. The ION’s version was also the most utilized Hidden Wiki of its time.

Its collection was far greater than the wiki directories before it. Many people also believe that this version laid the foundation for the newer hidden directories that you see on the dark internet. This directory ran for several years before getting into trouble with the authorities.

The Hidden Wiki Led To Operation Darknet In 2011

After the launch of the new hidden directory in 2009, it gained popularity on the dark internet quickly. This is why many mirrors of the site came into being to serve as an alternative or backup for the directory. The ION’s wiki had an excellent collection, but it also faced regular downtime, which paved the way for its mirror versions with better running time.

One of the mirrors of the directory before 2011 was famous for its association with illegal sites. The wiki had many links to criminal sites that were encouraging the use of illicit activities on the dark internet. This bad version of the directory was discovered by a group called Anonymous.

The hacking group exposed and shut down a dark web site called Lolita City. This platform was one of the largest child po*nography sites on the dark internet in 2011. Anonymous eliminated the platform using its DDoS hacking techniques.

It also revealed a list of more than 1,500 users who logged into Lolita City. When Anonymous was questioned about how they discovered the platform, its members revealed that they found the site on the Hidden Wiki. The same directory also led them to many other dark web links engaging in illicit activities.

The Hidden Wiki Led To Operation Darknet In 2011

This discovery marked the beginning of Operation Darknet by Anonymous. The group revealed to internet users that they would be eliminating more than 40 dark sites engaging in child po*nography. If Anonymous hadn’t discovered the illicit version of the hidden directory, they might not have led Operation Darknet.

The Hidden Wiki Was Hosted On Freedom Hosting Until 2013

Freedom Hosting was a web hosting service on the dark internet that was launched in 2008. It was a prominent name on that web because it hosted most of the dark web sites, including the Hidden Wiki. The service suffered a major blow in 2011 when Lolita City was taken down by Anonymous.

Lolita City was also hosted by Freedom Hosting. The hosting service also came under scrutiny in 2013 when its creator, Eric Marques, was arrested by the Irish authorities. Marques was investigated for distributing and aiding child po*nography through its host sites.

Because of the arrest and the investigation, all operations of Freedom Hosting were shut down. The site was taken down by the FBI, due to which the dark internet suffered a significant blow. This is because the sites maintained by the hosting service were lost.

All the platforms being hosted by the service showed a display message of undergoing maintenance to users who tried to access the specific sites. The FBI also shut down the Hidden Wiki due to its relation to child po*nography because it was hosted by Freedom Hosting.

The directory had many links to sites that promoted child p*rnography. So, the FBI took immediate action against it to ensure the success of the operation.

The Hidden Wiki Suffered From A Hacking Attack In 2014

The FBI’s attempt to take down the directory in 2013 was not completely successful because the site was relaunched under a new onion domain the following year. In 2014, the new wiki became popular on the dark internet again.

It offered the same functions as the directory taken by the FBI. The platform also included new websites that had been launched on the dark internet since 2013. However, this joyous moment was short-lived because the directory suffered from a hacking attack.

A Pastebin called Doxbin that used to post people’s personal data hijacked the relaunched directory. The admin of the platform took action to stop the Hidden Wiki from promoting child po*nography. After the hack in March 2014, people who clicked on dark web links were led to Doxbin instead of the actual dark site.

The Hidden Wiki Suffered From A Hacking Attack In 2014

The owner of Doxbin also published a message that he would allow mirror versions of the directory to continue if they stopped posting dark web links related to child po*nography and enabled a community editing option.

A backup or mirror version of the directory running at that time took the offer of Doxbin’s owner and posted a message on the site. The admin of the mirror wiki mentioned that child po*n content would not be tolerated on the directory anymore. The mirror site then became the main page for the hidden directory.

The Role Of Hidden Wiki In Operation Onymous

Early 2014 was a troublesome time for the directory because of hacking by Doxbin. However, this incident was nothing compared to what the directory suffered from in November 2014 due to Operation Onymous.

Between 5th and 6th November 2014, the Europol and FBI conducted an operation against illegal dark web sites. Their main target was Silk Road 2.0, which was a drug marketplace on the dark internet. Besides this platform, there were 400 more sites that were shut down during Operation Onymous.

The addresses of many of these sites were located through the Hidden Wiki. Both agencies also took additional methods to discover illegal dark web links. For example, Bitcoin deanonymization could have led law enforcement agencies to locate the IP addresses of various marketplaces.

Once the operation was over, the wiki directory also ceased to exist. When the directory site was relaunched in early 2014, it was hosted on a Bulgarian hosting service due to the absence of Freedom Hosting.

This new hosting service did not offer the same security features as Freedom. That is why the FBI was able to compromise the hosting service and take control of the directory.

People who tried to access the platform on the dark net were welcomed by a message from the government. The message indicated that the hidden directory had been seized by the FBI.

The Role Of Hidden Wiki In Operation Onymous-Recovered

What Happened After The Hidden Wiki Was Taken Down In 2014?

The directory’s presence on the dark web was eliminated for some time after Operation Onymous. However, the website’s admin had prepared for the inevitable closure in late 2014. The moderators had updated the servers of the directory.

In 2015, they launched the data of the old wiki with new content on a new onion domain. The admin also took precautions to avoid unforeseen closure by government operations again. For example, they set up multiple mirror versions of the directory to ensure it is always running.

Since then, the directory has faced many issues, and its addresses have been taken down frequently. However, the wiki is still operating because of various mirror versions. The data of the site is also stored in backup forms to create a new domain whenever mirror platforms are down.

How Is The Current Hidden Wiki Different From The Old Hidden Wiki?

Technology has evolved significantly in the last decades. This is why the hidden directory has also changed in many ways. Here are some new features of the wiki:

  1. It Contains A Vast Library

The hidden directory allowed people to access hundreds of links in the past. However, the collection of the site has improved significantly. New versions of the platform included many new links.

Because of this, the directory now has thousands of dark web links. The page is also regularly updated now, with many moderators taking care of the site to ensure that it is always running.

New features have also been introduced with the added links. For example, the onion URLs are described by accurate short phrases to give people an idea about the site. People are also allowed to engage in community editing on the platform.

This means that users can edit links in the directory and update them with recent versions. The status of many dark web sites is also updated on the current wiki. For example, sites that are no longer running may be labeled as down.

So, the hidden directory is not only vast but better than the old site with regard to open access features.

  1. The Directory Posts Informational Articles

Another key difference of the new wiki directory is that it is more than just a collection of sites. The website admin has created a new informational section to help people navigate the dark web with added security. This section mainly includes blog articles to help users.

For example, you may read a post on how to improve your safety when using the dark internet. The platform may also offer you tips on how to be careful when using the wiki to avoid suspicious links.

There may also be articles on cybersecurity tips, dangers of the dark internet, and much more. So, you can end on the directory to enhance your knowledge of the dark web instead of using it for finding links.

The best thing is that you can also share information with the wiki community by publishing your posts. People can also interact more easily on the 2023 directory version.

What Type Of People Use The Current Hidden Wiki?

The invention of the Hidden Wiki was a joyous moment for many dark web users because it allowed them to navigate the deeper part of the internet more easily. There have been many users of this directory, but the following groups use the site more often than other people:

  1. Dark Web Users Conscious Of Their Privacy

The main reason why people end up on the dark web is that they want to enhance their online privacy. Such users may want to remain anonymous due to various reasons. For example, they may not like the control of law enforcement agencies on the surface internet.

Some people who want to share their story about a criminal incident prefer to use the dark net to publish the incident without any censorship restrictions. Articles on the dark internet are more difficult to take down than content on the surface web.

This is why such users may end up on the Hidden Wiki to find links to forums that can help them share their stories. Other people may use the directory for safe sites that can help them enjoy the benefits of the internet without compromising their privacy.

For example, you may want to read news on sites such as The Intercept while ensuring your visit is not logged into the platform’s records. The Hidden Wiki can help you find the Tor link to such dark web sites.

Dark Web Users Conscious Of Their Privacy

  1. Journalists And Researchers Trying To Find Dark Web Links For Work Purposes

Another group that ends up on the directory often includes journalists and researchers trying to gather data for a project. Searching for dark web links individually can be a hassle for such people because it increases their workload.

The Hidden Wiki allows them easy access to sites according to their project category. For example, journalists writing an article on cryptocurrency may view the financial services section of the directory. Meanwhile, researchers can use dark web links related to medical and other sectors.

Platforms such as Sci-Hub offer medical researchers access to free journals to help them collect data without spending money. However, finding onion links of such sites can be difficult without a directory due to mirror and fake versions.

This is why journalists and researchers prefer to use the wiki directory to encounter reliable links. These people also have a prior idea of the dark web sites they want to locate. So, their chances of ending up on a suspicious site through the directory are relatively low.

If they use dark web search engines to locate those sites, their risk of encountering criminal platforms increases significantly. This is why you will not see people using search engines on the dark net when they want to collect data.

  1. Cybercriminals

The majority of the old dark web users mainly used the web for anonymous browsing. However, the illicit activities of the internet grew after the web gained popularity. This is why a major group that uses the dark internet includes cybercriminals.

Many of these criminals use the directory to search for forums where they can perform their operations. For example, a criminal selling drugs may target people on discussion forums by posting about their services or messaging them personally.

Some cybercriminals also find sites with weak security and encryption measures to scam the platform’s users. For instance, they hack the site and use its services or content to plant malware on the devices of the platform’s users.

Cybercriminals on the dark web may also use the directory to publish their website links. You must remember that the hidden directory is an open-source platform. This means users can edit its content just like people on Wikipedia on the surface web.

People engaging in illegal activities may post the onion address of their site in one of the sections of the wiki directory to get more customers. Even users who don’t engage in criminal activities may end up on the platform and get the service out of curiosity.

Why Is The Hidden Wiki A Threat To Law Enforcement Agencies?

The hidden directory was invented as a means to make dark internet navigation easier for users. However, it is being misused by cybercriminals and spies for communication. For example, scam links may be added under a specific category.

Criminals may also use the directory to allow customers to reach them easily. Spies can also find communicating sites on the dark web through the directory.

The criminal aspect of the directory is a threat to many governments because it makes it easy to engage in illegal activities. By taking down the wiki sites, the US government wants to make it difficult for dark web users to find illegal sites.

It is also a way to reduce the number of dark web users by making navigation difficult. Most people who cannot find sites fast usually exit the dark net to save their time.

What Is The Future Of Hidden Wiki?

The current status of the wiki directory is that it is still running through mirror versions. One can also not predict the future of the directory because every time the directory is shut down, a new site is created by people to continue the work.

Government takedowns of illegal marketplaces have increased over the years. However, most operations now don’t include the seizure of the hidden directory.

Final Words

That was all you needed to know about the history of the hidden directory. The platform is continuously updated to help people find sites on the dark internet easily.