Advantage of Using Tor Browser For Dark Web Browsing

Advantage of using the Tor browser for Darknet


By now, everyone has heard of the darknet. It’s where people go to buy drugs and other illicit material and a way for users to circumvent censorship in places like China and Iran. In this article, I’m going to explain why you should switch from using traditional browsers such as Chrome or Firefox to Tor.

What is the TOR browser?

Tor is a network that allows for anonymous communication over the internet. The name “Tor” stands for The Onion Router, as it uses layered encryption to anonymize data packets being sent over it. This way, no one –not even the NSA– can see your IP address or your physical location. Moreover, hidden services are built on top of the tor network, which allows for private communication between two parties who don’t know each other.

Advantage of using the Tor browser for DarkNet

DarkNet is a term used to describe networks that are intentionally hidden from the general web-browsing public. DarkNet has a variety of purposes, including crime, activism, and journalism. To access DarkNet, you need special software like the Tor browser. We will list some advantages of using the Tor browser for DarkNet. Keep in mind that there are also disadvantages to using Tor, so make sure you do your own research before deciding if it is right for you.

Secure and Safe:

The tor browser is secure and safe for you to use because it is encrypted, anonymized, and private.


The tor browser is faster than the regular browsers because the sites won’t have ads running in the background, which may ruin your site experience. The VPN tech that encrypts all internet traffic between yourself and the site makes the site speed better as well.

Stay anonymous:

You can stay anonymous from being tracked by websites if you have a tor browser since encryption protects your data. It also gives you access to hidden services on the darknet, so nobody knows what kind of content you watch or read, especially through a VPN tech.

Protect your identity:

The tor browser provides anonymity so no one can trace back who they are coming from or going to, so it can protect your identity.


The tor browser is free for you to use and download. You don’t need any payment or sign up. Just download and start browsing right away.

Private browsing:

The tor browser doesn’t record where you go online, what content you watch or read, what files you are downloading, which ad banners catch your attention on the web pages because it’s a private browsing experience without leaving the trace behind your computer at all.

Advantage Of usong the tor browser fpr darlnet

Built-in VPN tech:

Another reason why you should use the TOR browser is that it includes built-in VPN technology that encrypts all internet traffic between yourself and the website you are surfing, so it can’t be traced back to you.

Anonymous payment:

You don’t need to provide your credit card number or personal info while purchasing goods and services on the darknet since they only accept anonymous payments like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. They will not get any information about you except for your wallet address which is totally safe for both sides. The hidden wiki โ€“ Everything you need to know about

Hidden service websites:

The tor browser also lets you access hundreds of hidden service websites that are not accessible through traditional web browsers like Chrome or Firefox. It’s more like a part of the deep web where people go to buy drugs, firearms, etc., in an encrypted environment to stay untraceable with no censorship at all in most countries with heavy surveillance of the internet.

One of the most stable browsers:

Another reason why you should use the tor browser is that it’s one of the most stable ones when it comes to crashes, updates, and bugs compared to other web browsers, so your experience will be smooth all the time. It also keeps your data secure if it crashes, which cannot happen too often in huge networks like TOR that millions worldwide use daily. You may think that using a VPN service with TOR breaks both technologies, but that is not right since they are different tools for different tasks and work perfectly in combination in providing you anonymity on the go with no risk at all in anonymous purchasing with no trace behinds! ๐Ÿ™‚

Alternative web browser:

Some users also see the tor browser as an alternative to their standard browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. it comes with built-in privacy and security that you can’t get from other browsers, so if anonymity is your priority, then these ones for you!

Things to keep in mind while using the TOR browser:

Tor is a free and open-source software for enabling anonymous communication. It is probably the best-known tool for accessing the dark web, but it can also be used for normal web browsing. Here are some things to keep in mind when using the TOR browser.

Try to Ignore Ads

Sometimes ads come up when browsing through TOR which can ruin your mood while surfing on hidden services if they are inappropriate content that forces you to close them manually all of the time, but that can be avoided by disabling scripts in options! ๐Ÿ™‚

Avoid Playing Third Party Videos

Avoid opening videos behinds before playing them for your top-level security not to be broken or risk getting tracked by leaking IP addresses, so just hit play and close the tab where the video was running once you are done watching it!

Never Use Tor for long Periods.

Try not to use TOR for long browsing periods in order to avoid big data storage that may slow down your browser or freeze it in some cases because of bad coding between plugins, scripts, etc.

Things to keep in mind while using tor

Can be Slow

Some websites are too heavy or badly built that will force you to keep reloading them over and over again until they open, which slows down your experience using the tor browser.

Always Cross-Check the stored Files.

Don’t store anything illegal on your computer while using TOR since its visible IP address is hidden, so you don’t know who might be tracking you behind by seizing your computer and checking all files in there in front of a judge, so keep any sensitive information off-the-record.

Never Use Social media:

Don’t participate in social media websites via tor browser since they track what content do you like, what ad banners catch your attention etc. which can tell them enough info about you to direct new ads on your path as a result of the browsing history they have collected from you over time.

Never Click on third party Links:

Don’t open any email attachments or click on links inside those emails while using TOR browser since they might be infected with some sort of spyware, keyloggers, etc. that can reveal your identity by giving hackers enough info about you, including personal data and passwords for bank accounts, etc. which will lead to a total loss of all funds in case they get lucky enough to guess it right! You should not run untrusted software, especially on DarkNet, where black hats are around every corner trying to make a quick buck at your expense by scamming people who don’t know much about cyber security.

Never login your personal accounts

Your identity gets revealed if you log in to your accounts like Facebook, Google, etc., while using the TOR browser since they can track your IP address and information about the time that was spent thereafter getting hold of it somehow!

Never use Public Wifi Networks.

You should not use public wifi networks through TOR or any other web browsers for that matter since hacking is a common thing nowadays as more and more people get access to new technology that allows them to hack WIFI routers from their own homes without being noticed by anyone which makes tracking users who are on those wifi hotspots very easy! So be aware of possible attacks from hackers on those types of networks if you don’t want any of your personal data leaked online. It would be a perfect idea to ask an expert on cyber security to explain how hackers work because they can give you more detailed info on this topic, so if you’re afraid of getting hacked by black hats, then you should better learn about it before it happens to avoid any unwanted trouble in future!

Never use public wifi while using tor


Tor is an excellent browser that protects your privacy for the most part, but it cannot replace your regular web browser for day-to-day use since it has some disadvantages over other browsers that have to be considered before relying on TOR only. However, TOR can help you by protecting you from being monitored online if used correctly with precautions taken which can make surfing anonymously much safer than using normal browsers or public computers! One should always stay safe online and avoid sensitive browsing sessions while using public places like cyber cafes, libraries, etc. They are usually full of black hats who are working there as customers to find their victims easily without being noticed by anyone, even employees behinds!

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