Tor- All You Need to Know About It!

If you are interested in new technology and deep websites, then you must have heard of Tor. Tor is the software that gained a lot of hype over the years and has helped the hidden wiki sites and the dark website users a lot. We were getting a lot of queries from our customers regarding all the detailed information about the introduction, the use and the advantages plus the disadvantage of using tor in one place. So we thought of discussing this today so that our readers can get a complete overview of this phenomenon and can this problem straight once and for all.
Have you ever tried thought of or tried using the web without giving away your identity? If yes and if you don’t know about Tor, then you might have done all of it wrong and just for your information, your identity was not secured in whatever process you were in. now, most of us especially young people think that incognito mode of different browsers and VPN service providers help you erase or secure your identity and your search history, but this is not true. This is just a delusion that has been created in front of you to gather more users. Now the problem of identity theft remains unsolved.

Tor Hidden Wiki

Origin of The Tor and Its Need!

As the time passed and the identity problem remained unsolved, officials from the US Naval authorities came up with a team to find a solution for this problem for their own national interest at first but later on it was launched internationally for web users. Now this solution was third-generation software that was named as Thor. Thor was responsible for tempering your IP address and securing your identity and your location. The use of Thor was made very much important, and it created more attention when it was said to be able to direct users to the hidden wiki websites as a third party registrar. People started to use Thor for many purposes. This included website surfing, add posting, content marketing, content publishing, illegal activities, pornography, Plagiarism and hacking. Originally and up till now the Tor software has the domain of .onion, and you must have seen some pages with this kind of address. These sites are the backend directory of Tor, and these are the main helping tools that save your identity and leave your footsteps on the web untraced.

Different Application On Smartphones Today Which Support Tor!

If we are talking about today’s generation and the use of Tor today, then we cannot possibly forget the use of a smartphone or simply rule them out because of the thought that they are not related to the sort of activities that Tor is associated with. Now let us talk about the statistic first. Almost three billion people living on the earth are surrounded by new and advanced technology, and the best part is almost over 75% are using smartphones today. The use of smartphones and tablets has shifted the market focus from desktop systems and laptops to mobile phones and tablets and this is the very reason that no matter whichever country you are living in you don’t see hype about launched of laptops or computer systems rather we don’t even hear about them or take an interest in them. The reason is that today the interests of people have shifted towards these devices and have made the human race nearer to technology or should we say more vulnerable to this menace.
Today people are more comfortable in using mobile phones, and this is the very reason that we have decided to discuss the applications and browsers that help you run the Thor software on your smartphone.
Almost 65% of the total smartphone users are android users, and so we will talk about the android phones today but don’t worry the Apple devices are also committed to the Thor software, but we talk about them in detail in our next article so stay tuned for that if you are an Apple lover. Well in android as the statistics show. Almost more than 85% of the users have rated Google Chrome as the best android application and browser for their daily use. Other two applications include Firefox and Opera. The latter two are a bit more professional applications, but the Chrome is more user-friendly so if you want to use the hidden wiki on your phone then the Google chrome is the best choice for you.
Well, it all depends on your choice, the use of Tor and the hidden wikis is almost the same on all three of these applications but then again just like downloading the application the use of it also is your choice. Some people feel more comfortable with using incognito mode, and VPN by the Opera browser instead of using Chrome and some are comfortable with Chrome. Some of the important features of all of these applications and browsers are that they are all user- friendly and have their own VPN or add on. They all have their own incognito modes and are absolutely for free. So even if you want to use Thor as a third party secret keeper, then you can log in it with the incognito tab of your browser.


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