How to safely access Dark Web links in 2022

How to safely access Dark Web links in 2022?



Dark Web Links Intro  

Before you go trying to access Dark Web Links here’s what you should know. The internet does not work the way that you think it does. Google (i.e a search engine) provides us with only a fraction of sites that have been indexed. These sites appear in the search results whenever you look for something. Other search engines such as Safari, Bing, and Pinterest also give you access to a number of sites that we call the ‘surface web. The rest of the internet remains non-searchable which is called the ‘deep web’ or ‘invisible web’. This part of the internet is actually made up of many more sites that we cannot search for or access easily. And yes, this is more or less deliberate.

Dark web links are a part of the deep web that is hidden away and inaccessible without a certain search engine. While accessing dark web links is not illegal, it is important to note that you will likely come across black markets, hackers, forums on the sale and purchase of illegal items, gambling rings, malware vendors, and more questionable activities.


Is the Deep Web and the Dark Web the same thing?

The deep web and the dark web are terms that people often use interchangeably. But there is a difference between the two. The deep web is the content that exists on the internet but isn’t indexed by search engines. The reason for this is not that these websites all pertain to illegal activities and do not meet censorship guidelines. The deep web can be accessed without specialized tools and once you do access it, you will find that the data that it contains is just irrelevant or badly organized.

The very first page of a search engine is often served for the best, most useful, and organized content that people find easy to consume and also valuable. Google is simply not interested in the rest of it and that makes up the deep web.

You will find old and outdated posts here. You will find files that are of little use to the general public such as obscure academic journals, court records, social media profiles that haven’t been updated in years, and the like. These types of search items will not pop easily but you can improve your search results by typing filetype: PDF” in your query or any other type of file you are looking for.

There are also certain search engines that have been shut down or are just not that popular anymore. These include Alltheweb, DeeperWeb, CompletePlant, and the like. You will find that these also essentially exist on the internet and will help you search for things on the deep web.

Is the deep web and the dark web the same thing

Search engines that are best for Deep Web research include:

Dogpile, is appropriately named for being the search engine that brings you a compiled and comprehensive search engine that can be found on several other search engines.

WWW Virtual Library is another great place to go exploring the deep web because it is the original directory of the World Wide Web.

You do have better luck finding something important on specialized engines that are designed for the deep web.


So what is the Dark Web?


The Dark Web


The dark web is a collective of obscure websites on the internet that you cannot access without specific tools and software. Dark Web links are often used for activities that Google or other common search engines do not allow on the first page of the search results. This is the most important page. The websites that are on the dark web are used for the sale and purchase of narcotics and firearms, theft, human trafficking, hiring hitmen and hackers, or circulation of child pornography.

The dark web links also contain information on different topics that are not accessible in certain countries due to government regulations. In order to access this type of information, you will need specific tools that allow you to browse the dark web anonymously. Users are often hacked because they access websites that are ploys used by hackers and do not contain anything useful. User identities can also be compromised by government agencies, especially in countries where internet usage is heavily censored.

The dark web links are not only used for illegal activities, contrary to popular belief. It is used by journalists and whistleblowers. The sensitive data can be used by law enforcement agencies to prevent crime. From Edward Snowden to Ashely Madison, there are many examples of this.


How can you access Dark Web Links?

The dark web links can be accessed with the help of Tor, which is a software that allows you to hide your IP address thereby hiding your location and giving you the opportunity to browse the dark web anonymously. A VPN will ensure that your ISP is not publicly visible and that you have an encrypted tunnel to access the Dark Web through.

Tor browsers downloaded from the official website are your best bet. The Tor browser can only be used on Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. Third-party mobile browsers that utilize the Tor Network are often plagued with malware, and that is one of the reasons why iOS users are not able to access the dark web.

How can you access Dark Web Links

Tor essentially works as a specialized browser that you can download on the internet. You must use a VPN for added safety. The very usage of TOR can be detected leading to unwanted attention. With the help of a Tor browser, you can browse the internet as a whole, not excluding the dark web. The traffic is routed through Tor so that your personal information remains secure.

NordVPN is a great example of a VPN that you can use to visit the dark web. With its free trial, you can use the dark web for free for at least a month.


How to remain anonymous while accessing dark web links

Once you have acquired the safe links, VPN, and a Tor browser you can now safely browse the dark web. This is not to say that the threats of using dark web links end there. You will have to take precautions when making purchases on the dark web. There are many threats on the dark web, and you will have to come up with a plan to create a fake identity that you can use on the internet. This includes new email addresses, sending encrypted messages, and also setting up bitcoin wallets.

There are many threats to your security especially when you are involved in any kind of activity on the dark web. Tor networks protect you in accessing dark web links but you need an extra layer of protection if you are going to do something on the dark web. There are many cases of people being subjected to legal action by law enforcement agencies simply because they were browsing the dark web. VPN can help you in adding a second layer of security when using Dark web links.


Is VPN better than Tor?

We already know that a VPN is a tool that helps you encrypt information on the internet and allows you to browse the dark web from your device with your server displaying a different location. A VPN will allow you to add a layer of security to your search activities and help you browse the internet securely.

Tor is the tool that provides you anonymity, and VPN is the tool that protects your privacy. The trick is to use both, not one over the other when accessing dark web links. By using a combination of tools you ensure that you are protected from any threats.

How to remain anonymous while accessing dark web links

Tor over VPN

When you are using Tor while being connected to VPN you are ensuring that your device’s traffic is routed through the VPN serves and then bounces through the Tor Network, and lastly ends up in its final destination i.e whatever you searched for. This way your Internet Service Provider can see the encrypted VPN traffic, but they don’t know that you are using Tor. This is called Tor over VPN, and it is one of the most common ways of accessing dark web links.


VPN over Tor

The problem with using Tor over VPN is that you can run the risk of having an untrustworthy VPN provider that can see you training to use Tor. They could keep metadata logs, and this way the content of your other side’s encrypted traffic can be accessed.

The traffic logs are made up of Tor content i.e your search queries, the websites you visited, and the IP address you logged into. Traffic logs are not your only concern because session logs contain a great deal of incriminating information as well.

In order to overcome this situation, there are tools such as NordVPN that allow you to reroute your traffic through the Tor network. By using tools such as IPVanishthat you can protect your data even from VPN providers by passing identification through the given network.

Tor over VPN approach helps you protect yourself from Tor exit nodes which are made up of volunteers that are involved in malicious activities. They are aware that your personal information is stored in an exit note before its traffic is rerouted to the destination website. These volunteers will try to decrypt the exit nodes and access your personal information by using malicious code. With the help of a Tor Network, you will have your IP address protected, and the VPN will protect your information from bad exit nodes.

ourRem member that it is really important to use a logless VPN because you want to protect your information and keep your activities hidden from your ISP. The VPN over Tor technique is often discouraged because it makes you vulnerable to an end-to-end timing attack.



This being said, VPN is essential for accessing dark web links in both cases.


The reason why people have an issue with VPN when accessing dark web links is that the combination of Tor and VPN can make the browsing experience especially slower. It is important to remember that your security is of utmost im [portnace here.

VPN over Tor

Tor Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to Tor that you can also use:




I2P is a Tor alternative. The major difference between Tor and I2P is that you are cut off from the public internet. You are also getting access to eepsites which are not the same as .onion sites.

I2P is also quite difficult to use, which is why it is not as popular as Tor. You are getting the benefit of anonymous and private rowing because it uses the same technology as Tor for peer-to-peer routing and encryption.

The overall experience is preferred by some because it is faster and is considered more reliable than Tor as it is more advanced using one-way tunnels for accessing information. This is a great way to keep your activities private as it restricts outbound traffic. The installation and configuration process of the I2P is also quite extensive. And will require more effort on the user’s part which is quite a hassle.



Freenet is a self-contained network that you can use to access sites on the public web. The limitation is that you can only access content uploaded to Freenet which is a peer-to-peer distributed data store.

Freenet allows you to access the darknet and the openness. A darknet is a place where you can only share content with specific people that you have deemed your friends. Openness is a place where you share content and it is automatically assigned to peers. The darknet is a closed anonymous network and the opennet is a group of centralized services.

Freenet is fairly easy to use and you can easily configure it. All you have to do is download, install and run. To ensure anonymity we recommend using a different browser than the one you normally use. The very purpose of Freenet is to resist denial of service attacks and censorship.


Browsing the Dark Web

Now that you have the Tor Browser installed, it is time to access Dark Web Links. The dark web is essentially filled with websites that can be distinguished from their URLs. The Dark Web URLs will not end in org, or .co, instead, they will end in .onion.

Dark Web Links and Onion websites are not easy to find. They will not be in your Google search results and they will have to use dark web search engines such as NotEVil, Ahmia, Candle, and the like. There are many dark web directories such as the and they are made up of obscure websites.

The Dark Web is an extremely difficult part of the internet to navigate. The reason is the multitude of malware and malicious websites out there. For the most part, you will find scams, phishing links, and malicious content. You will rarely ever see HTTPS sites because the SSL certificates are not issued or required by those running scams, and involved in illicit activity. Dark web links are also not made with the intention of ranking on any specific search, so it doesn’t serve any purpose to them.

Tor Alternatives

One way to exercise caution when browsing the Dark Web is to verify links before you click on them. Verifying URLs and their sources can save you a lot of trouble and protect you from getting hacked. Reddit is a great place for you to find valuable resources on the Dark Web. There are many websites you can find there which have been vetted. These include the /r/deepweb, /r/onions, and /r/Tor subreddits.


Top 10 Commandments of using the Dark Web


The Dark Web is a place where you must exercise caution every step of the way. Here are the top commandments of browsing safely on the dark web.


Don’t mix real with the fake

The surface web is full of people who mix their personal identity and their digital identity. But the dark web is no place for that. You will need a new private email, credit cards that cannot be traced back to you and so much more.


Don’t trust anyone

The problem with the dark web is that it doesn’t work the way the surface web does. Before clicking on any link you need to double-check the sources because you never know what the links can unleash.


Identity theft is not uncommon on the internet and you need to take extra care when browsing the dark web. Luckily there are many online services that can help with that.


Disable Java and ActiveX

Java and ActiveX frameworks are known for being vulnerable to hacking attempts. The first thing you should do when chartering the unsafe territories of the Dark web is to disable these frameworks in your network settings.


No downloads

Downloading from unknown and unverified sources is not exactly safe even on the surface web. The dark web takes the threats to the next level. Be extra careful when you download something off the dark web and installing an effective antivirus program will help.


Secondary accounts

Setting up a non-admin account that does not have full admin permissions by default cannot be exploited by hackers.

 Top 10 commandments of using the Dark Web


Why do people use Dark web links?

There are many reasons why someone would browse the dark web. With the right dark web links, you can access information that is not available to the public. You can find new data through articles, news stories, and public records that you would’ve never come across on the surface web.

Speaking of the surface web; another reason why someone would opt for the dark web is that search engines like Google use your information and collect your search history through cookies and other tracking tools to profit off of you. Some might argue that this is a breach of privacy and unethical. The dark web may not be the safest place but there is no outright exploitation and you can search safely after taking certain measures.

For the most part, dark web links are used for illegal activities. The sale and purchase of drugs are quite common on the dark web. You can sell and purchase weaponry, ammunition, and more. You can ask someone to make a fake passport for you, hire a hitman, hire people for a heist, and the like.

The majority of activities associated with Terrorism including the spread of extremist. And treasonous propaganda is done on the dark web. This may come as disappointing news, but on the flip side, the dark web is also where activists, detectives, whistleblowers, journalists, and legal authorities learn more about the issues that they deal with and try to collect the necessary information to fight such social ills.


Top 25 Dark Web Links to Access in 2022


There are many dark web links that can be found on the dark web. Not all of them are safe, but here is a list of links that have been deemed relatively safe and useful. You can access these .onion by installing the Tor browsers. We have also briefly described the kind of resource material found on these websites, how secure they are for use, and also the specific link you can use to access them.

Proceed with caution!



This is one of the biggest search engines on the dark web and will allow you to browse dark web links without being tracked at any stage. This is a great website for ensuring privacy.


The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is essentially the Wikipedia of the Dark Web. It is a directory of dark web links.



Daniel is another directory of dark web links that are better organized and will help you navigate the dark web much better.



ProPublica is a great place to find articles on a wide range of topics such as finance, politics, science, and history. Such dark web links are a great way to find resources if you are a journalist.

Top 25 Dark Web Links to access in 2022



Do you want to find scientific research articles published by experts in various fields tucked away in the dark corners? Well, Sci-Hub is a great resource bank for that.


Hidden Answers

The dark web actually has a place for you to ask questions and get completely uncensored answers.



SearX is another search engine that allows you to find dark web links. What sets it apart from others is that you can search for very detailed queries and find answers. This is not something you can achieve with any other search engine on the dark or surface web.



This is a special version of Facebook. Such dark web links are designated for people who are browsing from repressive regimes.



SecureDrop is another resources bank designed for journalists to access information that is securely and anonymously shared by whistleblowers.


BBC Tor Mirror

This is a special version of the BBC.  These dark web links offer access to news reports in countries where news is limited due to heavy censorship.


Tor Metrics

Tor Metris is where you can find news and updates regarding the Tor Project. You can also find historical records and archives of the Tor Project here but it is limited to the non-sensitive dark web links.



ProtonMail is an email service that provides end-to-end encryption so that you can send private emails on the dark web and also the surface web. This is a type of email service that doesn’t require personal information to sign up. The Swiss project uses HTTPS and SSL encryption despite being a .onion site. You can safely use this email for conversations that are protected from third-party access.



RiseUp is an email and chats service that was created in 1999 and has since been used by many on the dark web for communication. The content of this platform is often related to social change and political dialogue. This website is given extra protection from government interference. The great thing about such dark web links is that they do not store any communication records.



Another email service provided for the dark web is SecMail. This is one of the most popular email service providers. The downside of using SecMail is that you cannot exceed 25mbps and can only receive PGP-encrypted messages.

The Archive is one of the most popular dark web links. That is focused on preserving the scientific and cultural heritage of the internet. The website works as a time capsule and is a collection of web pages, the sole purpose of which is keeping a record online of what existed on the internet even if the original website or page were to be taken down. This is a great resource bank for people looking to find obscure websites and records.




Mailpile is a popular email arrival provider that gives you a chance to communicate privately on the dark web. Unlike other email service providers, you’re given a chance to save emails with cloud storage. The code used for this website is open source and this makes it vulnerable to malicious attacks.

You can access MailPile from services such as Gravatar. You can also easily send and download emails without worrying about spam and privacy breaches.

Cryptocurrency is commonly used on the Dark Web. Blockchain and Bitcoin dark web links have been used for years on the dark web before they became available for people to use on the surface web. Three are many .onion sites that you can use for sale and purchase involving cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain has its own site on the dark web and it is an HTTP site which means that you can benefit from the added layer of security.


Zerobin is a popular website on the dark web that is used for sharing content. It is a safe messaging platform and you can share messages that even the platform does not have access to. This level of encryption will allow you to chat anonymously.

Imperial Library

The Imperial Library is a dark website that gives you access to a large number of digital books. There are approximately 500,000 books on the website and yes there is definitely a copyright infringement involved. This is a great place to find banned books.


Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi wallet is a popular cryptocurrency platform on the dark web. The CoinJoin feature allows you to make transactions that are protected with added layers of security. The Wasabi trick is used to verify transactions and the Neutrino protocol gives the clients a secure server.


Comic Book Library

If you love comic books you will be pleased to know that there is a wide collection of comic books on the dark web. This .onion site gives you access to thousands of comic books. You can find comics in every niche and discover comics that will never be heard of on the surface web.

Similar to the Imperial Library, this website is a copyright infringement.



Tunnels is unlike any of the different dark web links shared above. This is one of the dark web links that give you access to the exploits of explorers from big American Universities’ tunnel systems. This is the part of the dark web which is illegal and dangerous because of the illegal content posted here.


Deep web radio

Good music can be found on the dark web too. The deep web radio is a streaming platform for the dark web and you get access to twenty channels and multiple music genres to pick from.

Wasabi Wallet



The purpose of Keybase is to bring your online identity together on one platform. You might be wondering if that is a good idea considering that you are on the dark web. This dark web link will allow you to cryptographically create a resource for you that has your PGP key, your GitHub account, Twitter, Bitcoin, and Facebook in one place while keeping it safe from the prying eyes of hackers. By having this online portfolio hackers will be deterred from impersonating you on the dark web or surface web.



As a creation of the US Navy, the CIA’s presence on the Dark Web is more or less expected. This dark web link will lead you to the official Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) .onion site which is used to help people worldwide and is a great place to report crime and share resources securely.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are Dark Web Links illegal to use and visit?

The dark web is full of illicit content. You can easily find black markets, and sell and purchase drugs, weapons, and ammunition. You will also come across child pornography and other types of disturbing content.

While the content of the dark web links may be illegal. Simply visiting or browsing the dark web is not illegal. In some cases, the country of your residence has restrictions on internet usage and you may face legal action for accessing certain dark web links.


Who created the Dark Web and why was it created?

The origin of the Tor network can be traced back to the US military in the 1990s. It started off as a couple of websites that were used by spies who wanted to keep their communication secret on the internet.

The military was then forced to publish the code under a free license in 2004 after the failure of their attempts. The Tor Project was then established by research d under the Electronic Frontier Foundation in 2006 as a resource bank for journalists, activists, and whistleblowers.


Will I attract unwanted attention by visiting the dark web links?

By simply connecting to Tor network links you will be raising a few eyebrows. The amount and kind of attention you will attract depends on where you are located. Data sent through the Tor network cannot be tracked as it is encrypted but your internet service providers and network administrators do have access to your activities and that means they will be alerted. To avoid this you should use a VPN paired with Tor to protect yourself from malicious activity.


Can Tor be used to browse the surface web?

Tor is a tool designed for browsing and accessing dark web links but you can also use it to access the surface web. The tool helps you remain anonymous and hides your activity from your ISP but you can face speed issues as it is not as efficient as a browser and it doesn’t substitute for a direct connection. Moreover, some sites may block you and limit your access.

Are dark web links illegal to use and visit

Should I use VPN to access the Dark web on my phone?

A VPN is a must if you are accessing dark web links on your phone or your computer. The VPN will protect you from potentially dangerous links and hide your personal information from prying eyes. Without a VPN you are setting yourself up for scams, phishing, and hacking attempts. We recommend always using a VPN when accessing dark web links.


Can you find porn on the dark web?

Porn isn’t widely available on the dark web. In fact, pornography comprises a large majority of the dark web links. The dark web is a place for people to share a great deal of explicit content as there is no form of censorship. You will find a whole section dedicated to child pornography and this is illegal. We recommend exercising caution when accessing such dark web links as they are disturbing and can put you in danger of malicious activity.



To put it in simple terms the internet is divided into three parts. The surface web, the deep web, and the dark web. The dark web is often seen as a place of immorality that is shunned away from the internet as we know it. The reality is that the Dark Web is not all bad. The underground internet as we know it has been known to have some positive aspects. It is also important to note that the internet houses a large amount of information but it is not necessarily evil because it all comes down to how you use the information.

The Dark Web is home to many articles, news stories, and media that we cannot find on the internet either due to censorship. When accessing dark web links we recommend practicing caution and taking all the necessary steps to protect your personal information. Not all dark web links are useless and informative. You will come across many phishing threats, hacking attempts, and malware. It is important to do your research before you click on or download anything.


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