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If you have heard anything about the dark web, you may have heard of illegal transactions. However, the real meaning of the dark web is to provide extremely high online privacy rights. One thing you can do on the dark web is to buy mail-order illegal drugs. Another thing you can do is read the New York Times or browse Facebook, both of which have .onion dark web versions (although you will still be required to subscribe or login). The best hidden wiki is right here.


Suppose you live in a country like Iran, where many popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter are censored. Okay, use Tor to access blocked websites. In addition, using the dark Web .onion version (if available) can ensure your access and online peace of mind. Although it must be pointed out that many people who use Tor and the dark web primarily for privacy (rather than access) purposes may find that using the Facebook dark web is ironic due to many inherent privacy issues of the site.

Whistleblowers, journalists, and protesters against government oppression have also used private online tools such as Tor and Dark Web.

However, privacy refers to the privacy of doing well, cheating, and everyone in between. The dark network enables ordinary people to avoid espionage and data collection by governments and companies, while at the same time they can abuse the same ordinary people. An example: the dark web is the main place to distribute and sell malware. Another example: the privacy of the dark web can lead to fraud, such as the sale of stolen credit card numbers. Moreover, if you do not mention the dark web and online privacy, you will not fail to mention cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are the lifeblood of the prosperity of private transactions (on the dark web and the terrestrial Internet).

There is also a controversial website, Silk Road, a dark web market where you can buy almost anything. The site promotes strong user-censored drug dealings, etc. Ironically, the deal is reported to actually reduce street violence drug dealings. In 2013, the FBI closed the website. The FBI also confiscated servers and deployed malware to capture the trail of dark web pedophiles, proving that law enforcement agencies can expose more terrifying corners of the dark web and find a way to solve the problem of confidentiality.


Oh, by the way, this is an interesting fact: the US government has provided Tor with a lot of money. For ordinary users, although you may not feel at a loss, even checking out Tor may get you on the list.

hidden wiki
hidden wiki

How do I get on the dark web?

First, you may want to know if it is illegal to enter the dark web. The answer is no’. It may be illegal to get there, but that is entirely up to you. So, now that we have solved this problem, how do you, the fearless explorer, enter the dark web?

Well, the most popular method is to use the Tor anonymous browser. This browser can be downloaded like Chrome or Firefox or any other browser of choice, but it works slightly differently.

Tor stands for “Onion Router” and refers to the way it works. Internet activities through Tor must traverse different overlay networks or layers (such as onions), and each layer or layer helps to encrypt traffic from computers. Due to these additional layers of security, Tor runs slower than regular browsers. Many Tor users also recommend using VPN at the same time to maximize privacy.

But remember, Tor itself is not the dark web links, it is just a tool for browsing the dark web. With Tor, you can securely access all the same content that you normally execute, or you can go deeper. This is where the .onion suffix website is located. If you see this ending with a website address (not .com, .net, etc.), it means that the website is a dark web, so you need the Tor browser to access it. Even if you are using Tor, websites with the .onion suffix will not show up in regular search engines, so viewers of the dark web links will use special directories for this purpose.


What are Hidden Wiki Links?

Hidden Wikis can even be used as a help for Tor hiding by many Wikis that resist censorship. Anyone can update future registration information anonymously to take advantage of its reputation. The central page is an index of links to other different onion sites.

The hidden service

A hidden service may even be a site you visit and visit, which uses Tor technology to stay safe as if the host commanded anonymity.


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Deal with hidden Wiki links

By using a typical browser (e.g. Google, Safari), you cannot access hidden Wiki links during this period. To do this, you only need to download Firefox. By installing Firefox on your phone, it will keep your information safe and secure, then download the browser to make it more secure. After downloading, set the folder to the desired folder in the browser.

hidden wiki
hidden wiki

Hidden Wiki is a yearbook found on the deep web, and it provides you with a complete guide to access pages with onion links. The almanac maintains an index of prohibited entries. The site uses Wiki code. Although this is its own domain, but also because it is related to the Wiki model project.

The Hidden Wiki is re-managed by the hacker tribe who manages the server. Due to trust issues, the article was written by a few people. Because its location is constantly changing, it is difficult to track the location of its server.



Find in the hidden Wiki

Currency services: Here you will see PayPal accounts, cloned credit cards; Bitcoin mining financial secrets, that is, fake bills stolen.

Commercial services: In addition, you may also find black markets here, such as weapons, ammunition, false documents, and drugs.

Managed services: These services provide privacy and security for your server. You may also find file storage, such as images and videos on hosted services.


Is it legal to use hidden Wiki links?

Yes, this is absolutely legal. Hidden Wiki links contain all authorized servers and search bars, which can protect your personal information and data, such as username, account details, and any other information.

Hidden Wiki links can provide security when downloading content, and you will get complete privacy. Hidden Wiki links can provide comprehensive guarantees for them.


The first hidden Wiki is operated through the .onion pseudo-top-level domain, which can only be accessed using Tor or Tor gateways. Its homepage provides a community-maintained link directory that can link to other hidden services, including links that claim to provide money laundering, contract killings, cyberattacks, banned chemicals, and bomb manufacturing. The remainder of the Wiki is added to a great extent uncensored, and connections to destinations facilitating youngster sexual entertainment and harsh pictures are likewise given.

The first mention of the hidden Wiki was in 2007 when it was located at 6sxoyfb3h2nvok2d.onion.

The well-known iteration of Hidden Wiki was established sometime before October 2011 and is known for its association with illegal content.

hidden wiki
hidden wiki

At some point before August 2013, the website was hosted by Freedom Hosting.

In March 2014, the website and its kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion domain were hacked and redirected to Doxbin. After this incident, the content began to be mirrored to more locations. After the Bulgarian hosting was breached in the Onymous operation in November 2014, the website communicated a message to law enforcement agencies.


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The dark web wiki

I happened upon this question a moment ago, and I think it needs clarification. As Waheed Ehmad said above, what you’re referring to is probably The Hidden Wiki, which some people think of as an “introduction” to Tor. It looks similar to Wikipedia and contains many onion links. @thehiddenwiki2

There are two major misconceptions about this, though. One is that you can’t access it from a “normal” browser like Chrome or Firefox. You can access it, but only with a Tor2Web proxy, which acts as an intermediary between you and the Tor network. The problem with this is that it isn’t anonymous, and can also potentially infect you with malware. That defeats the purpose of using Tor, which is anonymity!

The other major misconception is that The Hidden Wiki is a good “introduction” to Tor. The problem with this is that, like Wikipedia, anyone can edit Hidden Wiki, and people tend to put scam links in the link list to make newbies happy. Of course, if you’re just looking around and aren’t looking to spend money, don’t worry about it too much.

Since then, I’ve found a few other link lists and search engines that I prefer to use, like not Evil or Welcome to Dark Web Links and More!

Anyhow, if you do go poking around on Tor, just keep in mind that not everything is what it appears to be – lots of people are out to get your money if they can.

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