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we are back with a new day and with more exciting content for our readers. The best part of today’s content is that it is an interview that we had from a deep website expert and who told us about the different questions that we had in our mind and were being asked by our users. So here we have gathered the top questions from your side and the answers from the expert’s side so that you can get all of the information in one page and can start getting the hang of the hidden services and the hidden wikis with the help of a professional person.
First of all, we would like to clear a few things before we move to the question and answer session. The hidden services or the hidden wikis and the Tor Browser are two different things and are separate entities. Let us talk about the difference first, and then we will move on towards the main idea of today. The Tor browser is a browser that helps you surf and browses the internet along with securing your identity. The hidden services and the hidden wikis, on the other hand, are those services that you use with the help of the Tor browser to help you publish and to edit the content on these hidden wiki sites.
Every one of us today knows that we can easily and publish or edit the content that is available on Wikipedia on the conventional address of Google’s domain. In the same manner, you can post and edit anything you want on these websites without showing your identity. People usually post pornographic content, murder reports, rape and child abuse videos on hidden wikis so if you want to find these pages, you must be ready for adult content like this.
So now let us get started with the interview that we had, we are going to post the questions as heading and then we will give his reply to you in details!
What are your priorities on onion services development!
Well what can we say; this is a very complicated and a well-engineered job. We have already taken this problem into account and have made different departments to serve the purpose of enhancing its security.  The main problem that we didn’t see coming was that the US departments and control over the Thor service and they confiscated the last hidden wiki site that was known. So the development of the onion services is our topmost priority, and we are ready to give all our time and devotion to this matter. The development is the building foundation of the hidden wiki sites, and so it is important that we shift our focus to this field.
What are the facts unknown to people about the onion services?
The onion services and the Tor browser has been static for the last many years, and you guys should know that our focus has now mainly become the launch of the next-generation model or the onion services. Up till last year working on this matter was just like playing around and goofing around in the free time by our group members but recently we have set a team for this purpose which has made their mission to develop the onion services to the next level so that hidden wiki can be easily accessible and available without being caught.

Hidden Wiki

What are the plans of Tor for migrating attacks?

A series of searches and talks buy many experts other than myself have abused and wasted the directory system of hidden wiki sites and the services. Most of you don’t know that after every wiki site that id hidden there are three guarded nodes. Previously we didn’t know that these guarded nodes were thought to be enough, but we were wrong, and it resulted in severe loss of our society. But now we have planned to gather more guarded notes in the backend data of the hidden wikis so that we can save ourselves from the migrating attacks in the future. We have already said a million times that we want this to work seriously and we are working on it.

Do you run services yourself?

Yes! Absolutely I always work and run these onion services along with the Tor browser. I’ve always been a great fan of hacking and Tor services, and this is the very reason that we have started running our own boxes on personal levels. Moreover, I don’t connect to my house IP and instead, I go with the Tor browser.  When you start using Thor on a personal level, especially with the Linux operating system, you will always feel a sense of acceptance from the browser itself. So if you want to use the services of Thor and if you want to run these services yourself I can always help you as a client to set up your tools and to help you with the configuration.

Is it safe to run a service by yourself?

Well, it totally depends on the service you are using and the type of browser you have hooked yourself with. The thing is that your security depends on yourself and your browser mainly. If you are planning on starting a Tor browser on your own, then it is a good plan because it will help you surf the web on your own without breaching your identity.
Your views on Google and your privacy!
I personally don’t trust Google with the privacy stuff, and frankly, a million more people don’t do it too. Google does not respect your privacy, and this is a fact that has been proved many times. Have you not noticed how Google post the ads about how your mobile model and your favorite searches? You must have seen whatever keywords you search, even though you delete your history, they will still give you results related to that.

What onion services would you like to see?

A very important question and a good one, indeed. Do you know that the onion services and the hidden wiki sites cannot play the YouTube or the twitter site on them and this is because of some technical reasons that we will talk about some other day if we get engaged again in future? But as I already mentioned to you. I used the Tor browser, and I really miss the YouTube application there.

What is the biggest misconception?

Oh yes! The biggest misconception about these services is that they are a very large project and they are very complex to manage, but the truth and the facts are that we are a small team that has a very limited amount of work and workspace. We just give services to our people who are worried about their identity stuff, and they want to save their personal data from getting in the hands of their internet provider, the Google Company or any other third party.
If you think that our expert has answered all your questions, then give us your feedback or feel free to pose any query so that we can get answers of it the next time we meet him when the next generation launches and that is very soon.

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